Merciless Match- Brokenness Aside 2

Mercy is still struggling to move on from a defining moment in her life that shattered her, and almost destroyed her.

When she was date raped at the end of the last semester by college football darling Jeff Myers, she thought she’d never be able to get past it or trust another guy again.

But then she ran into MMA self-defense trainer Camden Michaels (literally), and things began to change.

Now she’s started to let down her guard and trust again, and Camden has begun to do the same when it comes to his secrets. And his secrets are a little, well… unique.

Problem is Jeff just won’t back off.

Not only that, but Mercy, Camden, and her bestie Gemma are beginning to suspect there’s something really wrong with the guy. Something even darker and more sinister than they first realized.

Does Mercy really want to know the truth? Does she even have a choice anymore?

  • Available: Now!
  • Authored by: Eden Rowan
  • Published by: InkedPlot Media

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