Broken Deceptions- Eliakim II

When life pushes, push back.

Ema is a fighter.

She’s had to be, because the world is cold, and people are cruel.

She’s always wondered about her past, but a part of her has been scared to pull the thread and see where it unravels.

Especially since psychic abilities tend give her a little more access to truth than she cares for. Soon, that access puts her on a dangerous collision course with a psychopath and a fight for her life.

When the beautiful and mysterious Kaeden comes to her rescue, all of the carefully constructed lies she’s told herself over the years begins to crumble beneath the weight of truth and new knowledge. Kaeden has secrets to reveal, indeed… but is she ready to face them?

  • Available: Coming Soon
  • Authored by: Eden Rowan
  • Published by: InkedPlot Media

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